All Hail the Conquering Stick Figure: A Chat with Greek Myth Comix

Great to see a teacher try to reach her students in an unconventional way.


Laura Jenkinson is not your typical Classics teacher: in her classroom, myths and legends take shape in cartoon form. As stick figures, Odysseus, Hector, Ajax, and the rest of the Trojan War gang guide her students through the worlds of the Iliad and Odyssey.

On Greek Myth Comix she shares the fun with the rest of us, breathing new life into tales many of us struggled with in school and rekindling our passion for the classics. She chatted with us about why her stick figures have no faces, teaching the smartphone generation, and how art helps her manage anxiety.

Check out Laura's full comic explanation of hamartia. Check out Laura’s full comic explanation of hamartia.

Why did you first start creating Classics comics?
First, a New Year’s Resolution to be more creative, and second, an A-level Classics student applying for animation courses who asked me to help him make a portfolio. When we were studying the duels in the Iliad, he’d…

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